Phase II of #YESRamadanProjects begins in Karachi.

The entire team of YES Alumni involved in this project would like to extend their utmost thanks and high appreciation to all people whose donations and help made this event possible. It could not have been done without you.



The YES Alumni engaged in Phase-II of our Ramadan Projects. The purpose was to create a video, which showed the distribution of Iftar meal packages to mainly security personals and other hard laborers. The team had made creative and inspiring posters, which highlighted the importance of peace, harmony, welfare and community service in a better society through powerful quotes. The people who participated in the video were asked to display these posters, after which their photos were taken to be used into the video. After the photos were taken. The YES Alumni team handed them iftar meals. It was a gift from the team to them and made especially for them. All individuals cooperated fully with the team and were more than happy to help in the video project.



The team embarked on the journey and distributed 110 Iftar meal packages to security guards, policemen and petrol pump workers using a mobile iftar van to operate from. The distribution was carried along places on main route Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. The iftar packages were pre-made and had been ordered from a local restaurant, which delivered them to the office.

When it comes it Iftar, people give away meals and gifts to a variety of individuals. However more often than not security personals and some laborers are forgotten or missed out in this effort, by the society. The motive was to make them feel like they mattered and the community appreciated their efforts. Given that most these people have a 12-hour shift and often have to have iftar away from home. These people can not share the happiness and spirit of Ramadan with their families and often feel isolated. The entire team was delighted to show their gratitude and thanks to them in the month of Ramadan by handing them meal packages. After all no one should be left out from enjoying the happiness brought from the holy month of Ramadan.



The response was phenomenal from the people. The happiness and smiles, which they gained from a simple iftar package, was priceless. The individuals deeply thanked the team and were even a bit shaken by the effort of community service the Alumni team had put forth. The Alumni team wishes to continue bringing more smiles to more people by their continuous efforts. At the end of the day all hard work was worth it.

Written by: Adeel Pasha.


  • Anne Perry

    Congratulations on a very worthwhile project Adeel. Massachusetts Bay AFS is proud of you!

  • Carole McCorry Afs

    NIce work, we are all so impressed with your acts of service.