Students at Cesar Chavez Prep School, Washington, D.C. ask for Pakistani Youth’s Views on Malala Yousafzai

Youth Voices International recieved these messages come from students in the Digital Photography/Journalism elective at César Chavez Prep School in Washington, D.C. The students were eager to communicate with young minds from Pakistan and see what their perspectives are on the Malala Yousafzai issue currently in the news. You can read our coverage on Malala here.

 Mario: How do you feel about Malala being shot in the head? Did Malala influence you to stay in school or did you just want to get a good education? I can relate because my cousin was killed by some gang members in Mexico because he tried to fight against them.

Stephanie: Hello my name is Stephanie. Before I say anything else I just want to say I’m sorry for what happened to Malala. Also I feel the fear you guys are feeling. In El Salvador* they have something like that; they have these gang members scaring people like the Taliban. [*Stephanie’s family is from El Salvador and she has many relatives that still live there and are suffering from gang violence]

Tiara: Hello my name is Tiara. First I want to say I’m sorry about what happened to Malala I know all of you must be scared. I just want to know how you all are dealing with this. Are you guys afraid to get on the bus?  How are you feeling?

Students from Chavez Prep working on the Malala Conversation with Youth Voices International

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  1. Waqas Rehmat says:

    Firstly, Thank You for showing your concerns for Malala. The mentionable feature about the youth of Pakistan is that these threats do not cause fear in them. They have a thirst for education and a desire to achieve. Malala is just one example. There are thousands out there, who don’t respond to threats, who don’t amend their aims for the interests of few because their ambitions are higher than the sinful plans of few.

  2. Amna Sabahat says:

    Hello Mario, Stephanie and Tiara.

    I am very touched by your concerns about Malala. We all were quite disturbed by this incident. According to news, she is much better now and is recovering from her injuries. She has become a symbol of bravery and strength in Pakistan. We all appreciate her great work for education at such a young age.
    I am a university student. I study because I love to know about the world. However, Taliban’s influence is limited to a few areas in the north of Pakistan which included Malala’s area too. Many girls in Pakistan safely go to schools, colleges and universities.

  3. Aown Kaz says:

    Malala’s cause is one which is of importance to us all. The situation in Pakistan is of great concern but I think overall the issue of education for children is known all across the globe.

    Together we all can raise awareness and contribute respectively. That’s what I am hoping for.

    Meanwhile lets all pray she recovers fully soon.

  4. i believe it is worth mentioning that Malala is one of the many students in Pakistan who became a target of Taliban’s ruthlessness. Students in north eastern and eastern parts of Pakistan have been living under such fears since the day talibanization has flourished.
    To be honest, Talibans aren’t the only subject of fearfulness. Students have been killed under drone attacks as well and voices have been raised against it but there hasn’t been much media attention given to such protests like the issue of Malala.
    The good part is that students in these areas are still hopeful and willing to continue their education under any circumstances.
    Lastly, Your concerns are highly regarded by the youth of this country. :)

  5. First of all I thank all of you for holding our hands together for dealing this is issue!
    I think we are facing these type of problems now more than a decade. Its appalling but true. There has been despotic characters in our country. We have been facing colossal issue about schools being threaten by corrosive comments of Talibans. Beside all these problems I’m thrill that we have not stoped getting education. Malala is a great example of that and I believe that we have millions of more Malala like characters in our country. All these characters are pruning Talibans by their thoughts and believes and Talibans are being afraid only because of that. It shows that we can drub them by our positive thoughts and I’m overcome with euphoria that we have that kind of energy to do so!

  6. Irfan Tahir says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time out and sending us your views on this tragic incident. The fact that Malala stood up for what was right makes me stronger as I face obstacles in my city Rawalpindi; nowhere near as dangerous as the ones faced by Malala. Now whenever I get lazy or stop studying for that one very important exam, Malala’s actions come in my mind and I think about how lucky I am to have a formal education. Not taking that education for granted is the least I can do for Malala.

  7. Umair Ansari says:

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time out for this serious concern. Malala’s incident has resulted in unifying the nation under the banner of education. Students here are more focused on raising their voices for education. Children are getting education as it’s their right and also as a salute for Malala’s effort on promoting education. Buses here are still packed with students carrying their back pack and heading to their respective colleges/schools. It has proved that no one is scared rather they are more confident and charged with enthusiasm to get education and help Malala in her cause when she recovers.

  8. Hi. Thanks for showing your concern for Malala`s incident. This has made Pakistani people more united. Everybody in Pakistan is disturbed due to this awful incident. Malala is an encouragement for students like us who can easily seek education without facing any problem like her but we still complain.
    We all are working together to spread education. Malala is pride for our country and we all are praying for her.
    Lastly, Your concerns mean a lot to the youth of Pakistan. Lets make education viral and possible for everyone to get.

  9. Iqra Abbasi says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thank you so much for showing your concern about Malala Yousafzai.
    I, being a youth of Pakistan condemn the senseless and cowardly attack on Malala. Malala’s dedication to fight for the rights of education for all children in Pakistan is an inspiration to all of us. 
     I am thankful to her for making  us realise that how important this education is in our lives and how lucky we are to get it so easily. 
    I am glad to say that this  incident has given birth to hundreds of other Malalas in Pakistan, with the power and courage to bring a change in this country.

  10. Jaisha Syeda says:

    Hello. You’ll be amazed to know that after this incident, the youth of this country has at last, broke the cocoon of fear they have been dwelling in and have joined hands to take Malala’s cause to the next level and have realised how much hardships does the youth residing in the other areas of their country have to go through to acquire education which has rendered them more thankful towards the academic opportunities they have.

  11. [...] Youth Voices International recieved these messages come from students in the Digital Photography/Journalism elective at César Chavez Prep School in Washington, D.C.  [...]

  12. [...] Youth Voices International recieved these messages come from students in the Digital Photography/Journalism elective at César Chavez Prep School in Washington, D.C.  [...]

  13. Hey Mario, Stephanie and Tiara
    it is really touching to see your empathy towards the incident and Malala.
    What happened to Malala is not right in any way but you see the conditions in the area where she lived are far worse than that in rest of Pakistan and because of the direct contact with the Afghanistan border.
    Living here in Pakistan is not that scary as it might seem, we go to school like normal kids and as I mentioned earlier that the condition in cities is way better than the area where Malala lived. I and everyone else I know is so proud of Malala. Thanks for caring :)

  14. Ali Zen says:

    Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it.

    I think what happened to Malala is not new to me. I have witnessed worst. The whole bus of BUITEMS ( Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences. ) was bombed in my city, Quetta. Many students passed away and many got injured. Yet malala’s incident is another tragic addition.
    I believe Malala’s mission was to fight against ignorance with education and i, we, the Pakistani students won’t let her down.
    Thanks again. :-)

  15. Wahid Khan says:

    Thank you guys for thinking about the current situation of our country and for sharing your feelings. Well, as far as the attack on Malala is concerned; it is ONE of the few attacks on students specially females. It was great that Malala was famous that she got the attention of peopel like you guys otherwise many tragedies like that in humane attacks happen every day either psychologically or physically. Let us just hope for the best for the world to be a peaceful and free place to live in..:)

  16. Hamza Azhar says:

    Thanks a lot for showing your concern and i hope she recovers soon.
    Illiteracy is the main cause of such incidents. Education is a basic need of time.I consider myself lucky that i can easily get education. Most of us took it for granted but after this incident the youth has awaken. Malala’s incident has united the nation and inspired most of us. I hope no such incident takes place again.

  17. Aqib Malik says:

    Hey all of you.
    Appreciate this kind concern you all showed for this tragic incident. Education is not only a need but want for us. I go to school because that’s what I like to do. Yes, Malala’s incident has impacted the whole country as a nation.
    The Taliban group resides mainly in the northern areas of Pakistan. Riding in a bus is not the fear which presides in the hearts of may people here. But the fear of loosing someone who will be the next leader is a big fear.
    The incident has lead to motivate many young hearts to acquire education without taking it for granted.

  18. Yasir Abdi says:

    Hi Mario, Stephanie and Tiara.

    Thank you for expressing your concern on this issue. In my opinion, Malala is an important symbol, not only for freedom of education but for freedom itself. We cannot allow a group of people to dictate our choice. We cannot allow someone to shoot an innocent child because she insisted on something which they don’t think is right.
    On a more positive note, the situation is not as bad as you might imagine. People are going about their business normally. This incident took place in a relatively remote area of our country. But people living comfortably (in major cities) needed this wake up call, and hopefully we will come out a better nation out of this mess. Once again, we appreciate your thoughts :)

  19. Ali Larosh says:

    Thanks a lot for your concern!
    Malala has become a motivation for the youth in Pakistan to get education. She has showed us the power of education. She showed us an easy way to raise our voice against violence. She stood up, raised her voice against Taliban and continued her education even when she was threatened several times and this incident happened to her but this has proved us that education has the real power and if we all stand up against these few extremists, they can do nothing. Taliban is destroying schools and educational institutions in northern areas of Pakistan specially girls’ schools but Malala has motivated us towards education and told us that education is the threat to these coward terrorists.

  20. Osama Malik says:

    Great to hear voices from the other side of the globe…
    Malala is truly an inspiration, one that surpasses borders. She showed the power of education and introduced it in a place where it meant danger.

    In a way, we are all in the same boat. And we are all just people. And when things like this happen, we all voice as one.

    Thanks, Cesar Chavez Prep School.

    Prayers for Malala’s full recovery

  21. Cathy Healy says:

    I would like to thank the Pakistani students who have read the comments from our students at Cesar Chavez Prep Charter School in DC. They have been very eager to communicate with you…and if they were in school today, you would be hearing from them. BUT!!! We have the “Frankenstorm” hitting Washington DC today and tomorrow. Everything is closed – schools, government, most offices, airports, metro, buses, banks, even the Starbucks across the street from me. (I live downtown, a few blocks from the White House.)

    We are assuming that the city will remain closed tomorrow (Tuesday.) I will keep you posted, because I know they all will be eager to read your thoughts and to respond.

    In the meantime, all best to each of you.

    Cathy Healy
    International liasion, multimedia journalism
    Chavez Prep, Washington DC

  22. Hello, Staphnie, Tiara and Mario!!
    Glade that you guys shared your point of view!!
    I am currently an exchange student and live in Colorado, So far I have got some views from my high school friends here and they think that it’s not liked by parents of girls who study if they do!
    But it’s not true and ISLAM says that education of women is important! So the people who treat women badly are not true Muslims I think! And also there are some bad people everywhere who are not positive about their community!!
    Women have equal rights and Gladly, My both sisters in Pakistan are Engineers!

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