Students at Cesar Chavez Prep School, Washington, D.C. ask for Pakistani Youth’s Views on Malala Yousafzai

Youth Voices International recieved these messages come from students in the Digital Photography/Journalism elective at César Chavez Prep School in Washington, D.C. The students were eager to communicate with young minds from Pakistan and see what their perspectives are on the Malala Yousafzai issue currently in the news. You can read our coverage on Malala here.

 Mario: How do you feel about Malala being shot in the head? Did Malala influence you to stay in school or did you just want to get a good education? I can relate because my cousin was killed by some gang members in Mexico because he tried to fight against them.

Stephanie: Hello my name is Stephanie. Before I say anything else I just want to say I’m sorry for what happened to Malala. Also I feel the fear you guys are feeling. In El Salvador* they have something like that; they have these gang members scaring people like the Taliban. [*Stephanie’s family is from El Salvador and she has many relatives that still live there and are suffering from gang violence]

Tiara: Hello my name is Tiara. First I want to say I’m sorry about what happened to Malala I know all of you must be scared. I just want to know how you all are dealing with this. Are you guys afraid to get on the bus?  How are you feeling?

Students from Chavez Prep working on the Malala Conversation with Youth Voices International

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