Transexuals in Pakistan

The frown on her face was inescapable upon watching him draw nearer; a person with a manly, shaven face, but with the body of a woman, dressed in women’s clothing and bright make up smeared on his face. The subtlety diluted in the thin air as she called him a name and walked past. Silently witnessing sight of such cruelty from the rolled down window of my car at the signal, I was left speechless.

Many times we encounter such episodes of brusque barbarity in our everyday life but prefer to pull wool over our eyes and never pause to reflect back.

Transsexuals. A term we dread to expose our ears to. Label them with names one would despise to go by. Deny them the rights a human is born with. Hate on them for being different; all the while expecting them to bear the burden of social vindictiveness.

This social fallacy dwelling in the heart of every member is passed down generations polluting the mentality of thousands. Albeit the tendency of a mother to conceive and nurture a child, a plethora of cases abandoning their transgender children in the dumps have been witnessed. Had it been a male or female child found in such a brutal manner, numerous foster parents would come out to claim parenthood of that child. In contrast, transgender are regarded as untouchables. They struggle their whole lives from the day they set their foot in this heartless world till the day they are buried under the layers of sand and gravel. They are deprived of the love of a mother, the warmth of a home, the refuge of a house, and the security of a job.

Despite all the inhumane treatment and disgrace they are eyed with, they manage to wear a smile on their face and look forward to the day when the equality and justice that is oh-so-dear-to-us is practiced, and they are given the respect they deserve along with the status of an equal.

Farwa Rizvi is studying Mass Communication at National University of Sciences and Technology ( NUST), Islamabad. She’s a KL-YES Alumna, youth activist and passionate about writing.